Secretary Message

Dear Everyone,

Inspired by philanthropic urge and motivated by social concerned prerna society of technical education research has been established the platform of institutions and corporate world. It is planned to take the society still forword and global with a commitment to develop globally integrated mindsets.

William Ralph Inge rightly said, “The aim of education is not the knowledge of facts but of values”. Here we train the scholar to be deeply rooted in ethics and to have a global vision with a local insight.

The commitment of evolving the society as globally recognized centre of excellence is translated into functional systems of carefully designed curriculum, operating systems of delivering patterns, evaluation mechanism, and events such as national and international conference, workshop, seminars, corporate training and reduction of gap in institutions and corporate. Increase the instant in general people and students in technical and professional courses, research and development lab setups initiatives. For this the society lays an added impetus on discipline, accountability, prudence, perseverance, faith, confidence and strength of mind and character besides the academics research excellence.

We promise to nurture the dreams of students to build their intellectual capacity and provide them with necessary skill and tools so that they can realize their goals into reality. Pursuit of excellence makes this platform a promising society. Kindly join us to perform best yourself

My best wishes to you all.

Dr Manoj Kumar

B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD(Engg.)