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Title: -Publication in SCI, SCI-E, Scopus, WoS, Springer, IEEE Transactions, UGC Care Listed

Package 09: A) Min. Rs. 10000/-  to Rs. 35,000/- per Author, Time Duration-  45-60 Days

i)  Paper co-authorship in Scopus, Wos Journals , SCI, SCI-E, 

ii) Guidance for SCI Publication starting price 45,000/- .for 4-5 months

iii) Guidance for SCI writing, implementation and Publishing charges- Rs. 75,000/- for 5-6 months 

iv) Guidance for Scopus writing and Publishing starting fee Rs. 55,000/- Timing 3 months

B) Rs. 25000/- per Author, Time Duration-  02-03 Months 

i)          Paper co-authorship in SCI Journals

Package 10: A) Rs. 10000/- per Research paper writing and publication, Time Duration-  15-25 Days

i)          10,000 Paper writing and publishing in UGC care listed Print Journals

ii)         20000 Paper writing and publication in UGC Care listed Online Journals

Publish Date: -17 Sep 2021